Welcome to the 2014 Folk Festival!

It's been a great summer in Scotland. The early good weather coupled with the buzz of the Commonwealth Games brought an atmosphere to the country that was welcomed in these times of austerity. Locally, the music scene goes from strength to strength what with Stranraer Music Town, the growing success of the Park Fest and a resurgence of live music at many venues around the place. We hope that here in the Port, we can put the icing on the cake to cap off the summer before the nation decides.

As you will see from my name at the bottom of the page, the talk of my retirement has been much exaggerated. Clearly, I look too young to retire so it falls to me, once again to welcome you to this year's Folk Festival. In keeping with previous years, this year heralds a return to a more traditional line up at the Saturday concert with another host of talented young musicians headed up by local lass Robyn Stapleton, Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

Old friends and new come each year for different reasons, some for the social and fitness programme a.k.a. the Village Ceilidh on Friday night where people of all ages get an excuse to let their hair down and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Others come for the more organised entertainment at the concert where we continue to attract young musicians that go on to greater things. For many more, it's the informality of the sessions in the pubs that is the draw to this spectacular weekend. Whatever your reason, we hope that the weekend brings you fun and joy and friendly contact. Thanks, once again to the main sponsors, The Crown and the Harbour House Hotels for their generous sponsorship and for the many other local businesses and people that make the festival possible.

Yours (out of retirement),
Harry Harbottle
Festival Organiser


Festival Programme 2014

This year we are delighted to have the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year, and local lass no less, Robyn Stapleton who will be putting together a special band for, no doubt, a very special performance at our Saturday night concert.

Life O'Reilly

Friday 5th September 2014

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Robyn Stapleton Trio

Saturday 6th September 2014

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Sunday 7th September 2014

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